Workshop on Scenario-Based Learning with Low-Fidelity Simulations (Brno, Czechia)

27. 11. 2019 | Brno, Czechia

This workshop was organized as a back-bone event of the 13th MEFANET conference.

The workshop delivered general information about how Scenario-Based-Learning (SBL) educational resources - virtual scenarios (VS) - and pedagogy methods - PBL and TBL - can be used effectively in order to develop reasoning skills and decision making competencies in students. This was explained using the experience and data coming from the Summer school on Mathematical Biology organized by Masaryk University in autumn 2019. The participants heard about selected collaborative learning methods (PBL, TBL & Flipping classroom) and the main differences between them. Further, they had an opportunity to work in groups on development of single-based-answer items, which form an import part of readiness tests in TBL.

Download the workshop material