About the project

Scenario-Based Learning (SBL) represents a set of pedagogy methods widely recognized as a key tool in the educational toolkit for safe training in reasoning and decision-making. Virtual scenarios (VS) encourage students to use their knowledge-base to explore simple management decisions as they work through a case that mimics a real-world problem.

Within this context the TELSON project has aimed at:

  • innovating teaching practice through technology-enhanced learning tools, such as VS;
  • developing students’ critical thinking and reasoning skills with the use of SBL methods in the study programs encompassing selected biomedical and natural sciences;
  • sharing know-how and transferring best practices from universities which have already gone through a successful implementation of authentic, motivating, competency-based learning styles into curricula;
  • delivering interactive VS in the languages and cultures of the partners and associated educational networks;
  • comparing pedagogical value and efficiency of two different but established SBL methods: Problem-Based Learning (PBL) and Team-Based Learning (TBL).

The TELSON project has resulted into a multi-institutional investigation of SBL/VS approach to education in various fields, representing a benchmark in the exploration of pedagogy, efficacy and staffing efficiency of each method, in an era in which learning activities are increasingly blending face-to-face with eLearning.

Teachers in the participating institutions will acquire cutting edge skills in VS development and pedagogy activities. Freely available resources will contribute to education in biomedical and natural fields in many other institutions, nationally, regionally and globally. During the project period, 10 interactive VS will be created and reviewed in English and subsequently translated into Romanian and Czech languages. This set of VS will be implemented into curricula to support self-directed learning, reasoning and critical thinking skills of students at the partner universities studying in their own languages, and also for foreign students. The VS resources for PBL and TBL can be adapted for different challenges and social cultures. Students will test the VS cases and use them during PBL and TBL sessions at two multiplier events – (i) summer school on mathematical biology and (ii) conference on scenario-based learning.