Joint staff training on Virtual Scenarios and Scenario-Based-Learning (Suchevita, Romania)

17. 02. 2019 – 22. 02. 2019 | Suchevita, Romania

The first training activity at "Popasul Bucovina" near Sucevita.

The TELSON project included number of training, teaching and learning activities, to ensure seamless implementation of PBL a TBL methods with the use of VS into the curricula of the involved  institutions (Medicine, Biomedical Engineering, Mathematical Biology, Neuroscience, and Physician Associate) and to create a positive didactic and pedagogic change in student learning. The first training activity took the form of a short term joint staff training at "Popasul Bucovina" near Sucevita in February 2020 and followed-up two preparatory on-line sessions which served for getting the participants on the same level.